#Gift of Gab

Chris Burger & Josh Lubensky have pooled the best of the best.

About 5 years ago, we were up at Tamalpais Research Institute getting ready for a live stream of a show and this guy Josh walks in with Platinum Cookies and really positive energy. Said he'd been following the Soup and some of my other projects for a while and wanted to offer his West Oakland Panther Fist Studios as an incubator for vibes and such. Our vision came as we went along. I call it "Stone Soup" with LOVE at the root. So many musicians, producers, singers, players, artists, writers and family fell through. We are just at the beginning. Our intention is to put out the best material to move minds, spirit, body and soul. We want to help develop this light in our youth by giving a space to create and the opportunity to learn and thrive in whatever industry they choose. For we were helped to get where we are now, we must assist others in finding their true purpose.