Chris Burger

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The emcee. Powered by community past, present and future, CB sees the role, responsibility and life of the lyricist to empower and enlighten. “Music is a gift and in order to bask in its beauty, we must cherish and nurture it, then give it away”.

With over 13 releases, 1300 live shows across the nation and international, CB’s modus operandi is the organic interplay of live musicianship with the lyricist. “There’s a beautiful conception of auditory healing when the rhythm, melody, and vocal tone come together and meld into one sensual serum”. Music is life in all its pain beauty and hope.

The Luv Phenomena is the 1st volume in a series that combines the strength of this emcee- sense of community as power- and his knack for wordplay and vocalastics. “I’m a student of the golden era of HipHop and those of us of that era know that we stand on great shoulders of the past, folks that have died for us to have the opportunity to speak, we have a responsibility to respectfully carry this legacy for future generations, and we get to have the time of our lives doing it”.




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