Celebrate CB's 50th at the Oakland Uptown Sept 20th

Family, folks, and friends...in celebration of 50 years on this earth and 10 yrs clean livin, the best gift we can give is music- life, light, spirit and love- all the blessings I've received and I want to share our rhythms- The Mofessionals, Luv Phemomena and DJ Davey D....please come and celebrate... Equinox w beats 2 rock.

Shaken Not Slurred mocktail menu available.

21+ with valid ID

The Uptown is located just around the corner from the 19th Street BART station and is wheelchair accessible

2019 NACOLE Regional Training & Networking Event: Oakland, CA

by The National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement

In partnership with the BART Office of the Independent Police Auditor and the Berkeley Police Review Commission, NACOLE is excited to announce that it will be holding one of the 2019 Regional Training and Networking events in the Bay Area. We hope that you will be able to join us in Oakland, California on May 3, 2019 at the Kaiser Center.

This event is geared toward a variety of audiences, including but not limited to community members, oversight practitioners, justice system stakeholders, and academics. It will seek to address many issues important to those who support, are interested in, or work in the field of civilian oversight of law enforcement. In particular, this training opportunity will take on topics such as civilian oversight of county jails, California's new transparency laws, and information on the strengths and limitations of the different models of civilian oversight of law enforcement.

Check out Alma Matters - Absolute

Chris Burger & Josh Lubensky have pooled the best of the best.

About 5 years ago, we were up at Tamalpais Research Institute getting ready for a live stream of a show and this guy Josh walks in with Platinum Cookies and really positive energy. Said he'd been following the Soup and some of my other projects for a while and wanted to offer his West Oakland Panther Fist Studios as an incubator for vibes and such. Our vision came as we went along. I call it "Stone Soup" with LOVE at the root. So many musicians, producers, singers, players, artists, writers and family fell through. We are just at the beginning. Our intention is to put out the best material to move minds, spirit, body and soul. We want to help develop this light in our youth by giving a space to create and the opportunity to learn and thrive in whatever industry they choose. For we were helped to get where we are now, we must assist others in finding their true purpose.

Luv Phenomena in the studio "Passion &expression are paramount"

 All we require is you bring love. The light you possess will support the sound. The proof is in the product. There are so many ways we produce and not one is the same. It's not uncommon to track someone on vox who is a drummer. I learned that from being in the studio with George Clinton. I guarantee neither George or myself can recall that night. But I do remember the feeling. I've been blessed to be around so many masters in the studio and all that I've experienced in those spaces, I'm now able to implement with much added perspective and a gang of positive intentions. I am a wordsmith. I know from my core that we have a responsibility to affect change through vibrations. Operating from this belief, we do the best we can to shine this light in the most honest, humble and hungry way.