Chris Burger's

Luv Phenomena

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Luv Phenomena

Oakland Museum Outdoor with Soul Mechanix November 30 7pm

Geoffrey’s Inner Circle - Donald Lacy Jr. Lovelife Foundation December 1

Peri’s with AngeLex December 14

Thacher Academy Luv Phenomena with AngeLex January 21

The Starry Plough - Cam Perridge’s Birthday with Luv Phenomena February 21

Sweetwater with AngeLex March 10

Peri’s with AngeLex March 23

The Reel Fish Sonoma with AngeLex March 28

Terrapin Crossroads with AngeLex April 30

Lake Chalet Luv Phenomena May 3

Festival in Fairfax with AngeLex May 10

19 Broadway Fairfax June 7

World One Music Festival Luv Phenomena July 4

Uptown Oakland Peter Apfelbaum, Josh Jones feat. CB and DJ Fuze August 24

Peris with Angelex August 30

Uptown Oakland Luv Phenomena and Mo’fessionals - CB Birthday September 20

Festac Oakland Luv Phenomena - September 28