05 Kit n Kaboodle


05 Kit n Kaboodle

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Kit n Kaboodle

Hickory dickory dock

Wet slippery hot


Check what the delivery got

The chivalry doc is always open late for business

365 and I’m alive what is this

The Mr. to the Mrs.

Knowin where the Biz is

Where J and Chris is

They blowin all the kisses

Got your plop plop fizzes

And your knock knock who is its

We the type of cats like all day pay a visit

No wet noodle, forget you got a pet poodle

Set brutal

Without you gotta check google

I want the whole lotta hotta enchilada

With no drama

No nada

In every instance your delivery cleverly heavenly princes

This game of inches got me swingin for the fences

Going, going, gone

I’m growing long

Now thas whas goin on

I want the whole

K-i-t-n-k-a-b double o-d-l-e til the day I d-i-e

I pituh pituh pine all day

With jus the thought of it

If I could get an ample sample

You know a lot of it

The kind feelin like love

Not a bit demeaning

Once in a lifetime

Divine in the night time


Splenderiffic, words merge when I get specific

Defy physics when we shift into the scientific

Metaphysically I’m attracted to your whole planet

And all your cavities

Gravity got me red-handed

You ever get the feeling ur about to burst and blow your top

But this aint kiddie games and we aint sippin soda pop

We got dat pure unadulterated good good

Captivated, demonstrated cuz the wood could

I got your whole essence

Your future, past, present

So who’s to ask questions when you the last session

You’re my 02, go-to, folks boo

Ya hear it?

You’re my spirit and my soul too

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