07 Dust n Win

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07 Dust n Win

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Dust and Wind

Hey whatchu say whatchu say

Get down like ground when it’s comin from the Bay

A to Z the alphabet’s crazy, breaka breaka 1-9 so fresh baby

This man jamming on the 1 like blam- damn

On the planet of the drum I stand- grand

We hit you with the good stuff  bam- and

We never put the foots up Ma’am

Ready to rock and roll with no obstacle

Steady, hot cold like Popsicle

Plenty of pop with the bop gots lots of ol’

Let it rain like bow gimme pots of gold

Evidently this is residency

Put the needle on the record make it relevant b

I can guarantee that this heavy is free

Call me lucky 13, 6-7 and me


You, me, us and them

Livin on a rock like dust and wind

If there’s one thing I know don’t trust the man

While the fools rush in, we hustling


This Life’s like a festival

I keep it up like what no rest at all

I wanna make this clear, we about the truth

And not down for the clown in the President’s booth

Strength, drive, the will to survive

Self respect’s like wheels on a ride

Deals on the side make tears on the eye

Fears from the lies put years on a guy

I recommend suspend the fake friends

Put ‘em on a boat take ‘em out to lands end

They don’t understand- Quick like Trans Am

When I’m shootin from the hip

Then it’s part of this plan

Life, Love, just breathe it in

Like a sentimental mood with seasonin

The purpose of the service is to feed the gen

C’mon and take a chance, thus we begin



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