Ez Ur Mind


Ez Ur Mind

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Ez ur Mind

We come lit like a wish list-get this

Hit it, then roll thru you on the guest list

Yes this, is the 1st step, the quest is

The best yet, hold steady, ready-get-set…

Go, you got a love thas 1 double 0

Original like the islands of Galapagos

Head nod hand clap that tap toe

C’mon wit me now, rapido rapido

You deserve much more than a metaphor

A way of life, day and night with the predator

No editor, I say it’s time to write your own ticket

Sing it wit me, ha ha ha blllllllll stick it

The most illustrious touch, industriousness

There must be that trust

I guarantee upon delivery a breath of fresh air

Apparently my word that you deserve and nothin less

Sit on back and jus ez your mind

It’s gonna be alright, it’s gonna be fine

Talk about the good times come and get your feet wet

Take you on a ride that you’ll never forget

I know a brotha like chill, very well

Hammock to the sky parallel

Tell tale of a life- no stress

No hurry, easy now, no worry

When life deals its like hit it, head on

No question if I did it, dead on

I get it, get it, get on and ride wit

My fam, folks, and friends that I vibe wit

Stand tall with the troops out to change minds

Evolve with me let it shine at the same time

I stayed blind cuz I couldn’t see my own strength

So many weapons now I’m steppin with the movement

A lot of love, I used to be the bad one

Now I do it for the little ones and have none’s

Lift every voice and sing, not a sad song

The grass gone got greener when you passed on


Inhale baby, relax your whole state

Exhale homie, order- collate

I’m the letter man, wordsmith, veteran

Ease your mind, vertical herbal Excedrin

Verbal Kent on ketamine could be better than

The brotha that knows better but aint a go-getter

The whole cheddar don’t illuminate the gold letter

The Bo-rreta, ahead of like Mo-beta

No space rent for resentment or vendetta

Hot, Scott-Free and King like Coretta

The dream seems it’s a scene of the ex-fiend

Tell a friend if it’s your pen-pal you’re texting

The best thing about community? Unity

When love spreads from out the head

From H.I.M. to you to me

I get in, where I spit in

To the most high

So blessed,

Thas why I do it for the progress


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