10 Let it go


10 Let it go

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Let it go

Relax your mind

Your body and your attitude

Increase the love for yourself, up the latitude

I had a clue but I never went deep

Battle scars to catalog from digital to analog

I reap the blessings I’m professin in this lesson

Class is in session

The magic happens when you’re askin questions

Future, past, present

Laid back like a crescent

The task be the essence

At this exact second

So get wit it, sit wit it, this minute

Breathe with it like you at the O2 clinic

Lots of friends did it

Even non-believers and the cynics

The script? Flip it

Now they stick around cuz they dig it

The point? Tip it

Then let it flow like a spigot

Get your riggi riggit

Then punch your ticket to your white picket

Done did it, Hot?

Is it not? Is it?

The pit stop physics

You’re higher level when you visit

Just sit back and relax yourself

Breathe inspiration

Only time will tell

Stress really?

Yes, tightness in my chest

Take a breath

Eyes closed, wide road

What’s next?

From the tip of your toes

Slowly she goes

Whiff of the flow

Oh really tho

You feel the calm, the peace, it’s on

The keys to divine mind

We’s in align

Summer breeze time

High like bumble bees fly

Even rumplesteez eyes wide like double d size

A couple deep sighs where the subtleties lie

The Hubble sees I

Cuz I’m space deep fly

A sweet guy, slightly incomplete life

Peace sign

Known to creep by cheap sides where the heat lie

Meditative seas rise like number 3’s eye

Resembles divine when I’m simple

Free minds

Always under design

Cuz we humbly grind

Through the jungle we climb

Over and under tree lines

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