13 Champion


13 Champion

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C. Burger, A. Marshall

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This aint for the money or the fame or the girls

Used to have dreds, now I rock the curls

Top of the world, feelin like the wind-breeze

Sunshine on my crown, get down with ease

I’m the juggernaut, started with a doughnut

See me if you can, new born with no luck

Hard work cuz I know it’s all about the means

Skinny lil Jimi by the age of 13

Any task that I choose, I’m uh go get it

Put my name on the plaque

Cuz your bro did it

And I do it for my folks and my fam

I wouldn’t have a cent if I didn’t have a plan

A lot of love comin and I’m givin it up

Stand firm with the team, now I’m livin it up

I got grown

Known all across the land

Put your hands in the air and lemme rock the jam

What? Cuz I’m a champion

Don’t ever try to tell me that it can’t be done

Nah, who me? I’m a champion

Any game you name man, it can be won

Yeah, oooh cuz I’m a champion

Don’t ever try to tell me that it can’t be done

Nah, oooh weee, I’m a champion

Any game you name man, it can be won

They said I’d never make it

And screamed it couldn’t be done

The doubters getting louder

Buck shot from the gun powder

Spun around, gets mine when I come around

Cuz I’m pushin everyday past sun down

Some clown but they jus insecure

It aint me, they jus against the world

I know who I am and everything that I stand for

Put me on your wish list

Chris on Pandora

My candor’s a lil hype cuz I run hot

Everybody hit the floor when my gun pop

Manifest massive amounts of mischief

Make a bad man mad

Get your lip split

Hit em with a blow, make em all say Ow

I’m jus that type, how you like me now?

It’s better that we chill and keep the vibe alive

Put your hands in the air and move em side to side


I’m automatic with the rock and it don’t stop

Gotta gift to lift to make your dome rock


At anything that you toss up

Keep your eyes on the prize, don’t get crossed up

Focus on the goal when I’m strivin

Even if it’s jus to stay alive and

Showin love to the youth is the main thang

Keep em from the dope and the bang bang

Kings and Queens and those that seek the ring

Are never gonna soar if they don’t bring

Gold, in the sense of the jewels told

And how to get up

And knowin who to hit up

Cuz how they gonna be a champ

Unless they see a champ

Like a fire in the night, right we the lamp

Illuminate the movement, thas real talk

Put your hands in the air on the hilltop