11 Love Is On My Mind


11 Love Is On My Mind

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C. Burger, J. Peoples, L. Peoples, C. Perridge, J. Lubensky

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On my mind like

Hidey Hidey Ho

What the mighty don’t know

There’s a lot more gifts than the regular show

If you don’t pay attention, you might miss the flow

If you don’t water the plant

The plant won’t grow

How you gon reap whatchu sow

When you got your seeds like three feet deep in the snow?

You dunno?

Let me help you out now and the next time

Cuz you lost this one

I’m a get mine

I align with the like-mind, right individual,

Self-driven, livin for the light and residuals

We in it for the long haul, not the wrong call

Spread love when the bomb falls

Come along yall

Workin at the maximum, accelerated state


We make weight

And don’t fake on the first take

Blow it up and make the earth shake

You, me

Everything together like groovy

Lights, camera, action like a movie

Givin satisfaction like ooh wee, love is on my mind like…