06 Nights


06 Nights

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C. Burger, A. Marshall, Z.Ellis, C. Reynolds

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It’s all about right now

gonna do it like a champ til the lights out

no fear, I fell so many times that I lost count

but I’m still standin

when I let my strength mount

sorta like a take down

like the sound of the kick on a break down

no lie, I put it on my name and my kin folk

I’m a give it all I got cuz I been dope

I’ve been across the world to speak this


And now no one can defeat this

Weakness can tear me to pieces

Out to lunch or runnin out to recess

I reset, rebuild, and reload

Jus once and not twice to be told

Show up to blow, grow up

Cuz if you to’ up, so what


As day turns to night and night turns to day la di da

It’s your turn to fight, this life’s what you make it, ride or die


Early in the morning, I’m out with the sun

They’re still snoring, boring

So much beauty in the bay, I’m a ride wit it

So my duty in the day is to fly wit it

From sunrise to sunset, I must get

True goals, thru loopholes I jump, step

One, with the rhythm of the whole planet

Come, with a love thas gigantic

It aint clean if it’s done without the team

My roots stand the test of time, proof seen

I need help from time to time

You ever felt stuck, like which line is mine?

I’m a getchur back like a nap sack in the Adirondacks

Diamond in the back, just like that

A sunroof top, and let’s just ride

Til we get up on the inside


So many out for the green backs

But how they gonna get it on a clean track?

Corporate to forfeit the soul or

Endorsements of more sense of goals so

What’s rich when you exist in misery?

Bump this then go check the history

Motivate your mind then get up and climb

To a level you can settle like full time

We can sail like a ship on the high seas

Listenin to tunes jus like these

Slight breeze and red skies caress us

Smile, now you know you got the best of

Everybody, all aboard your potential

All of we together is essential

Roll with me, I’ll roll with you

Cool, there’s more to do