03 Fixation


03 Fixation

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  1. C. Burger, K. MacArthur, Gift of Gab, Lady Chi

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day 1 I was hooked

it aint the type of thing that you find a book

at first I was a fan, this was 1984

the east released the beast and yeah it opened up my door

now I always wuz a lover of the rhythm and the vibe

but this was something else that made the word come alive

from Mr. Darryl Mac to a brotha named Joe

L.L., Dougie Fresh, Slick Rick and the Show

Kool Moe, Heavy D, Public Enemy

Jalil, Ecstasy, PMD and Double E,

The Letter 18, the Microphone Fiend

Set it off and made it possible for me to have a dream

Then I heard the teacher, things would never be the same

The number 1 flame put the name in the game

So now this is the other Chris alive on arrival

Peace to each and every one my hip hop survival


Like a fire in the hills I wuz blaze on the case

Stupid with the therapeutics down upon the papes

Stitchin it together wuz my surgical arrangements

Meditated long to get the wisdom from the ancients

I am not a star but I’m made of its ingredients

Try to find a mind state focus and obedience

Honest with the flow with a nod to the stylins

Did it with the diligence, Lord I’m getting dialed in

Props to the writers and the players of the day

Shine like the Sun and the one who paved the way

We’re in this thing together we get better with the magic

In it for the love not for self or the status


The wisdom of the wordsmith, spit it when you tight

Workin in my every day, specific with my sight

I am not alone, I got family all around

You wanna know my folks, well just listen to my sound

Incorporate the rhythms of the every day’s dealins

Life as the dark shade, playin with my feeling

Talk about the pain while I’m tickling the darkness

Speak about the times I was crying with the heartless

Then I hear your voice and I’m back in the game

Lucid in my lifestyle, truth in my name

You’ll always be a part of everything that I breathe

I tell you that I love you and I know you’ll never leave